Come ‘Shop. Play. Stay. Save’ with the 2018 Coupon Book!

The Coupon Book is here! The Coupon Book is here! No specific number of lanterns needed to help make the announcement (you know, the “one if by land, two if by sea” thing, even though Paul Revere never really said the quote I’m playing off of…). In any case, the ‘Shop. Play. Stay. Save’ 2018 Coupon Books are available with dozens of savings opportunities!

Coupon books_image for social media

The most important thing to know is how to get one! You can do it a few ways: one, stop in to the Travel Information Center, 2375 E. Geneva St., Delavan (that’s the airport building directly across from Lake Lawn Resort at the airport); two, call 800.395.8687 and request that one be sent to you; or three, go to the ‘contact us’ page on our website ( and in the comments/message section, request one and provide your mailing address. It’s that simple to start saving while having fun in Delavan!

How does “10% off any spa service (Monday – Thursday only)” at Calladora Spa at Lake Lawn Resort sound? Or how about “Buy 1 Italian beef sandwich and regular drink, get any side order free” at Brodie’s Beef? Feeling like Mexican, then use “$5 off a minimum $30 purchase” at Hernandez Mexican Restaurant. Like to ice fish? Then take “10% off total purchase” at Lakeside Bait & Tackle. Looking to re-decorate a room and need wall decor? Lubick Gallery & Gifts has “50% off all open edition prints and posters”. Need a small gift for someone? Penny’s Scene II has “buy one pair of earrings, get one pair of earrings free” (you could get a gift for that someone else and one for yourself with this!). Valentine’s Day isn’t that far off, so how about “15% off retail sales purchase” at Utiger Jewelry? Only have a little bit of time, but hungry? The Trout House has “1/2 off appetizer with drink (alcoholic) purchase”.

There are so many offers, 48 to be exact, across 21 different businesses, that to list them here would take too long. Besides, it’s incentive to get the ‘Shop. Play. Stay. Save’ 2018 Coupon Book as soon as possible so that you can see for yourself all the great offers! It would be too easy if I just told you all of them… Even though the offers don’t expire until May 24, 2018, do not delay in getting your Coupon Book now so that you can start saving immediately!

Don’t forget to always check the events calendar for things to do when you visit our website. It’s a great way to help you find your adventure in Delavan WI! And then the ‘Shop. Play. Stay. Save’ 2018 Coupon Book let’s you save a little while doing it!

Alright! Time to stop reading this and use one of the three ways talked about to get your ‘Shop. Play. Stay. Save’ 2018 Coupon Book! Seriously… stop reading and go get it!







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