Dine Around The Lakes is in full swing!


November 3 – 12, 2017

Dine Around The Lakes is happening RIGHT NOW, having begun Nov. 3 and going through Nov. 12, and you absolutely should not miss out on the local restaurants that are participating! Here’s the Delavan line-up of restaurants:



The Trout House at Rushing Waters Delavan

The Trout House, in Historic Downtown Delavan, is Delavan’s newest restaurant. If you’ve been meaning to try it and just haven’t gotten around to it yet, here’s your chance – lunch for $10 or dinner for $30, with a specially designed 3-course menu for each – there’s no excuse to make Dine Around The Lakes the time to go! At those prices, go to both lunch and dinner and do it again to make sure you’ve tried all the options on each menu… Sounds like a perfect reason to make a mini-getaway of it! Click here for details.



Frontier Restaurant at Lake Lawn Resort

The Frontier Restaurant at Lake Lawn Resort could be a tried and true favorite for you or maybe you’ve never been, but with the menu options specifically chosen for Dine Around The Lakes, get your foodie on and get there! With three entrée options for lunch and two for dinner, plan on multiple visits to work your way through each menu. And I think I already mentioned that making a mini-getaway of it is a great idea, so check out the  special Lake Lawn Resort has just for Dine Around The Lakes… Click here for details.



The Lookout Bar & Eatery at Lake Lawn Resort

As the football season comes to a head with thoughts already of playoff hopes and wild card spots, and then college basketball season starting soon, plus whatever other sports you’re interested in (these just happen to be my two favorites…), The Lookout Bar & Eatery is the place to hang out and watch your favorite teams. Adding to that in being able to partake in Dine Around The Lakes and what a combination! There are two delicious entrée choices for both lunch and dinner as part of the specially designed 3-course menus, so make a plan to incorporate each multiple times with watching football, basketball, or whatever trips your sports fan trigger. And as already suggested, make a mini-getaway out of it. Click here for details.


Alright – you’ve got food options galore, special packages for creating a mini-getaway, so all that is remaining is to put it on your calendar and make it happen! If you’re looking for dining company, I’m available!  😀

Bon Appétit!



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